Doolittle’s Raiders

75th Anniversary of the WWII Doolittle Raid

Led by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, the 80-member team of Raiders – made up of pilots, engineers, navigators, gunners and bombardiers –became American heroes after successfully carrying out the United States’ first strike against the Japanese mainland, following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The surprise Doolittle Raid on Japan marked a turning point in World War II and delivered a massive boost of morale to the American people.

Though 75 years have passed since the Doolittle Raid on April 18, 1942, the nation has not forgotten the men’s bravery nor their dedication to this country. This year on April 18, Americans paused to honor the men during anniversary ceremonies at the National Museum of the US Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The last surviving member of the team, Lt. Col. Richard “Dick” Cole, shared his memory of the air raid with CNN:

Cole flew our center’s namesake, Col. William Marsh Bower, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year – the same year that the Doolittle Raid celebrated its 75th anniversary. The Colonel William Marsh Bower Center will honor Bill Bower for his bravery, as well as the other Doolittle Raiders’, at this year’s Runway Fest event on Sept. 2, 2017 at Portage County Regional Airport.

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force’s full 75th anniversary ceremony of the Doolittle Tokyo Raid can be viewed here.