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Maureen Frederick
Maureen is a Portage County Commissioner serving her third consecutive term since election in 2003. Prior to becoming a commissioner, she also served three terms as Portage County’s Treasurer, having been elected to this position in 1992. Maureen is proud she was born and raised here, and educated through college at Kent State University—all in Portage County.  Maureen believes in  economic development to enhance job retention and expansion.  She wants Portage County to be a safe and productive place to live and raise a family, and she is working to ensure youth have the amenities and incentives to keep them in Portage County, or encourage them to return. Prior to elected office, Maureen served as program administrator for Portage County’s Employment and Training Programs. She is actively involved with several community organizations, and continues to serve as Secretary-Treasurer of the Ravenna United Fund.

graichen3Jackie Graichen
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Chris-GilmoreChris Gilmore
Chris and his wife of 22 years, Karen, are the parents of four very active boys who enjoy school, sports and aviation. The son of a WWII B-17 ball-turret gunner, Chris recently fulfilled a childhood dream of earning his pilots license, actively using GA for business and family travel. Chris is the President of Godfrey & Wing Inc., a manufacturer located in Aurora that serves Automotive and Aviation OEMS worldwide. The Gilmore family resides in Russell Twp. Chris has served on the boards of a number of local charities and businesses and is honored to be associated with the William Marsh Bower Center.

siwikRon Siwik
Ron is a former U.S. military flight surgeon who served in Vietnam. He first soloed an airplane on August 7, 1967 and he has been flying ever since. He spent four years in the Aviation Program at Ohio State University from 1969-1972 where he earned Commercial, Instrument, Flight Instructor Airplane, Flight Instructor Instrument, and Multiengine ratings. He is an accomplished aerobatics pilot who flies a Pitts Special S1 single-seat biplane. He has added Single Engine Seaplane, Rotorcraft Helicopter, and Airline Transport Pilot to his list of pilot certificates and has accumulated more than 8,500 hours total time in 44 years of flying. Siwik retired from medical practice in 2010, and continues to fly and instruct several times a week in a Beechcraft Bonanza, Piper Cub, and helicopter. In 2008, Siwik flew the Bonanza on a remarkable, 24,604-mile, around-the-world solo flight.

murrayJoe Murray
Joe grew up in Ohio and has been flying since 1981. He is an instrument-rated private-pilot. He was trained as an educational psychologist and spent much of his professional and academic careers working in television as a director, writer, videographer and editor. He teaches in the Kent State University School of Journalism. His research, assignments and interests have taken him to South Africa, Cuba and Antarctica. Television programs and documentaries Murray produced in the U.S., Europe, and Middle East have been recognized with numerous industry awards. Stories That Fly, the online magazine Murray created with his students, is recognized as one of the top ten innovative community news ventures in the United States by the Institute for Interactive Journalism at American University. He is currently writing a book:  Lost in Oscar Hotel.  The book chronicles a 9-day, 1,809 mile flight to Wright Brothers Airport landing in all of Ohio’s 88 counties with Ron Siwik to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the J3 Cub .